Women and Men in Albania 2015

Women and Men in Albania 2015
Albanian Institute of Statistics and UN Women

Part of an annual series that provides gender specific, sex-disaggregated information on the situation of women and men in Albania, Women and Men in Albania 2015 includes gender statistics and data on, among others, population and demographics, education, crime, employment and labour markets, decision-making, business and health.

An important aim of this publication is to present very clearly and comprehensibly all data and figures disaggregated by sex. By making sex-disaggregated statistics in different sectors available, the publication makes possible for government and non-government institutions to develop and monitor gender equality policies and projects that benefit both men and women.

These statistics provide opportunities for the deeper gender analyses needed to advance gender equality and measure the implementation of Albania's gender equality commitments in international treaties.

The publication is an effort to ensure coherence with the set of Harmonized Indicators of Gender Equality and Statute of Women in Albania. This 2015 edition includes for the first time a calculation of gender pay discrepancies in formal occupations.

The publication is an important resource base for students, academics, researchers and policy-makers

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