About UN Women in Albania

Active in Albania since it set up its Country Programme in 2007, UN Women works closely with government institutions, civil society and international partners to support the design and implement of laws, policies, programmes and services to improve the status of women and achieve global standards for gender equality. UN Women is a key member of the UN Albania country team, leading and coordinating UN action on gender equality issues.

UN Women is uniquely positioned to build on its existing strengths to tackle the structural causes of gender inequality, and to leave no one behind by addressing persisting discriminatory practices. Our work focuses in four priority areas that are fundamental to expand women’s rights and opportunities, and that can unlock progress for everyone in Albania:

UN Women Albania aims to advance gender equality and women empowerment in the country through holistic and sustainable interventions in collaboration and in support to government institutions, grassroot organizations and feminist activists. We aim to strengthen Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment legislation and policies, to improve institutional capacities to implement international commitments, and to promote positive social norms around gender equality. More on the strategic direction of the organization read UN Women Albania Strategic Note 2022-2026.