Transformative Financing for Gender Equality in the Western Balkans

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Authors: Yllka Parllaku, Erisa Cela, Rildo Ngjela, Besmira Kukaj, Masha Durkalic, Amna Muharemovic, Edita Miftari, Jasminka Selimovic, Anisa Bina, Donika Lamaxhema, Linda Sanaja-Ukmata, Mirjana Nedeva, Ivona Paunovic Bisevac, Ivan Vchkov, Kristina Plechikj Bekjarova, Bojana Barlovac, Olja Jankovic Lekovic, Vladana Ajvaz

Editors: Yesim Aslihan Caglayan, Ermira Lubani, Isil Erdemli, Gizem Yarbil Gurol

The first issue of the magazine presents the highlights and achievements of the project “Transformative Financing for Gender Equality Towards More Transparent, Inclusive and Accountable Governance in the Western Balkans” finance by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – Sida. Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) has been a flagship area of work for UN Women in Europe and Central Asia for many years, spanning over a decade of work in the Western Balkans to more recent engagement in Central Asia. GRB is one of the key strategic approaches for mainstreaming gender and integrating gender equality objectives into policies and budgets. It is widely agreed that budgets are the key elements in moving from planning and strategizing to implementation aimed at achieving gender equality and the realisation of women’s rights. Through UN Women’s work, gender equality policy objectives are being linked with adequate allocation and efficient use of financial resources.

This magazine presents a selection of UN Women’s contributions and achievements in GRB in the Western Balkans. The contents include highlights from regional and local activities, inspiring narratives on the impact of the regional GRB project on the lives of rural women in the Western Balkans and a variety of articles and interviews conducted with outstanding experts and officials who are part of the project.

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