Violence Against Women During COVID-19 – Albania Country Report

Violence Against Women During COVID-19 – Albania Country Report

This publication compiles and analyses the results of Rapid Gender Assessment surveys on the impact of COVID-19 on violence against women (VAW RGAs) in Albania. More than half of women in Albania have experienced or know another woman who has experienced VAW and said they perceive violence, abuse, or the harassment of women to be a problem in their communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a noticeable rise in specific indicators associated withVAW and exacerbated existing tensions and safety issues for many women, which vary in type and severity based on socioeconomic status and vulnerability to stressors. This research delves into the relationships between measures of violence against women (VAW) and the demographic, behavioural and socioeconomic factors related to them.

UN Women led this study, in collaboration with Ipsos, with support from national statistical offices, national women’s machineries and a technical advisory group of experts to guide the overall survey process.

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